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Welcome to
The ROCK Youth Ministry

The Rockledge Overcomers for Christ Kyrie - Youth Ministry

Come Join Us & Get on Fire for JESUS!

The primary goal of The ROCK Youth Ministry is to help youth take ownership of their Faith. Having open discussions and Bibe Study where we look to scripture for insight into God's direction in our lives, and where we learn who God is. This is a place to have fun, play games, build friendships, speak freely, watch movies, go on retreats and trips, eat yummy food, explore new restos, serve our community and those in need, grow spiritually, and grow closer to Jesus.


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The Little ROCK Pebbles Children's Ministry

Pebbles are powerful and can have everlasting effects on their surroundings. What happens when you throw a bunch of pebbles into a pond? All of them send out ripples simultaneously. At Little Rock Pebbles' we strive to create ripples of love. We strive to teach them to follow Jesus, because we know these delicate years are when their Christian character is formed.

For More Information Please contact office 321-632-7387 or Pastor Josh 407-416-5171

or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us out on Facebook: Rockledge United Methodist Youth Church

 Middle School & High School Bible Study: 9:30am

Sunday Student's Breakfast: 10:00am

Sunday Worship: 10:30am

    Sunday The Pebbles Children's Church: 10:45am

Youth/Game Room      

 Fellowship Hall       

Worship Service (Sanctuary)

Children's Class Room

The ROCK Youth field trips,

mission trips, and fun trips,

on specified scheduled Saturdays or Sundays: TBA


 The ROCK Youth Fellowship

(Youth/Game Room)