What is Stephen Ministry?
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Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ
--- Galatians 6:2

During a time of illness, grief or disappointment, we experience a wide variety of feelings. Sometimes we feel anger (at ourselves, someone else or even God), deep disappointment, bewilderment, extreme sadness or we REALLY want to know WHY. Dealing with all those varied feelings can be confusing and almost impossible. We do not know where to start. We also find it extremely difficult to share our feelings with anyone else since we cannot handle what they might say.We are sure they could not possibly understand and will make judgments about those feelings. We also wonder how much of what we share will be held in confidence. As a consequence, we end up dealing as best we can and not always adequately. The Stephen Minister is specially trained to help you deal with whatever your feelings are by listening with empathy and confidentiality. He/she understands that feelings are what they are until you have dealt with them. We take seriously Jesus’ admonition to be caring and loving without judgment. See Janice Long for more information.  Call the church office at 632-7387 and a Stephen Ministry leader will contact you...



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Prayer Ministry

Wednesday Night Prayer Time in the Sanctuary

From 6:30 to 7:00 each Wednesday evening the sanctuary is open for a quiet time of prayer and reflection. Prayer needs that have been shared by the congregation are prayed over and there is time for personal intercession. Come join us as we take a few moments to, “Be still and know that God is God.” Psalm 46:10


Q: Will I have to pray out loud, in front of people?
A: No! This is a private time of prayer and no one is asked to pray out loud.

Q: If I can’t get there right at 6:30 or I need to leave early, is that okay?
A: Yes! Please join us as you are able. The time you spend in the sanctuary is up to you.

Q: Is this like going to a class or listening to a sermon?
A: No! This time is focused on a private and personal conversation with God.

Q: Am I going to have to “share” with the group?
A: No! It’s just some time spent in a quiet and peaceful place where you can refocus on being a child
     of God.